Do You See?

Do you see the pain they bring my way
The lies they tell about me to sway
Other people to what they are thinking?

Do you see the things they do to make it
Look like they are doing right and remit
The truth of what is really happening?

Do you see the agony they try to bring
Into my life and it seems like everything
Is pointing to me doing what is wrong?

Do you see that I’m not really doing
The things they say because they’re brewing
To make it look like they are really right?

Do you see their life and how they’re living?
Or is it just because the words they’re saying?
They know the talk but their walk is hidden.

Do you see the pain you’re causing me
When lies are what you want to believe
And end up cutting my broken heart in two?

Do you see or do you even really care
That truly their life is in disrepair?
They’re hiding it and you cannot even see.

Do you see? No, you don’t want to know
But God is using this for me to undergo
So that I am a partaker of His holiness.

Do you see? There will be peaceable fruit
Of righteousness and taking a stand for truth
In the face of lies and false accusations.

Do you see? It makes no difference in the end
Because God is the One Who is going to send
The trials and it’s final release in my life.

Do you see? God will bring the truth to light
In the end God will make it come out right
According to His will and to His desire.

Do you see? Praise the Lord for His peace in me
All things work together and thus it will be.
I did what was right including seeking forgiveness.

Do you really want to see?




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