Where, O Lord, Is…?


Where, O Lord, is my agony?
My agony for the gospel true?
My agony for those who are lost?
My agony…make me know You!

Where, O Lord, is my passion?
My passion for obedience?
My passion to follow You?
My passion to give You credence?

Where, O Lord, is my desire?
My desire to stand for right?
My desire to take a stand for You?
My desire for truth to fight?

Where, O Lord, is my love for You?
My love for You instead of me?
My love to do Your will not mine?
My love of prayer to Thee?

Where, O Lord, is my prayer life?
My prayer life with those who love You?
My prayer life in the closet?
My prayer life…make me want to!

I cannot do this in my own strength.
I am helpless without Your pow’r.
You are the One who controls it all
You are my Hiding Place, my High Tow’r.

Give me agony for Your gospel,
Give me passion and desire, O Lord.
To obey and stand for what’s right.
Make my love and prayer a two-fold cord.

Put these things within my heart,
May I long to put aside wicked and wrong.
Give me a burning desire within my life
For Your Will and Word to stand strong.


By Violet
June 28, 2015


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