You Endured

You endured that cross for my sin
And You made me clean and pure
You’re the One who satisfies me
Your salvation, very sure
You’re the Lifter up of my head
My Refuge and Secret Place
You’re the One Whose Name is holy
Author, Fin’sher of my faith

As I meditate upon You
Seek to follow Your pure will
You’re my Glory and Sustainer
You, my heart, alone can fill
You preserve me from all evil
The Retainer of my soul
You will take me through the trials
Be like You, the final goal

You forgive all my transgressions
You are faithful You are just
There is none upon earth like You
You alone, worthy of trust
You will never sleep nor slumber
You’re the One Who shows favor
You are sweeter than the honey
You’re my Shepherd and Maker


(Can be sung to the tune of Here Is Love Vast As The Ocean)


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