The Lord Is…

The Lord is

My very strong tower and fortress
To Whom I run to
And I am safe
When it seems like all of the stress
Of life runs me through
And then I chafe
Instead of moving forward to press
On so I can do
God’s plan fail safe

The Lord is

The Strengthener of my life and heart
He will give me peace
To follow Him
Unless I think I am way too smart
Do His will I’ll cease
Then pride does brim
May He help me to make a new start
My pride to decrease
My will to trim.

The Lord is

Perfect in all His ways and my Light
He helps me see truth
And do His good
Instead I listen and then invite
Darkness and uncouth
Lies, my eyes hood
Turn me back, may my heart be contrite
Let God be my sleuth,
Sin be withstood.

The Lord is

The One who brings forth my righteousness
And judgment when those
Believe me wrong
Its so easy to be contentious
When I’m right…suppose
I am so strong
Lord, please help me to show graciousness
Which from You, yes, shows
You are my song.




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