Hug Me Once Again

She sat there in sadness and despair
Wondering if anyone would know or care
A loved one gone and she? Alone and bare
Not even able to say a prayer
On her tongue, in her heart, or anywhere.
Will someone, with her, God’s love will share?

He missed his child so badly, it seemed
He lost sight of life and no longer dreamed
Life was like a roller coaster that careened
His heart was broken and then he screamed
In a whisper, “What happened? She’s a fiend!”
Will he find someone to help or just be demeaned?

Her health is broken and struggles to live
With a good quality of life and give
To others because she loves to be active
Her body gives way and is captive
To pain, agony, and the body afflictive
Will good health for her be illusive?

His trust in God has caused persecution
He seeks to follow God and his action
Gets him nothing but to be shunned
His soul worships not any but the One
Which even gets oppression by his brethren
Will he have anyone his load lighten?

The broken hearts and wasted lives here
Are more than just a poem…they peer
Through the curtains with a vibrant fear
Wondering what will happen this day drear
And continue to put up with those that jeer
Will they find someone who will come near?

Each one can cry to the Lord in genuine
Trust and love to Him knowing always then
That if they are true believers they can
Cry out, “In this life I feel so barren
I don’t know what to do, I am broken
Lord, help me obey and…hug me once again!”



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