Looking to the future I see
Looking to the future
Please, Lord, don’t leave me
I’m lost in a dark tunnel
Like a tornado funnel
Wondering if everything will be
Gone away so suddenly.

I’m struggling to find my way
I’m struggling to find
Please, Lord, I do pray
Has now turned to night
I seem to have lost sight
What once was a golden day
Has left me in sheer dismay.

I’m broken, shipwrecked before You
I’m broken, shipwrecked
Please, Lord, help me through
The conflict is tearing me apart
This is truly breaking my heart
Help me do what is right and be true
I beg of You, my soul please renew.

I’m needing wisdom from on high
I’m needing wisdom
Please, Lord, can You tell me why?
Why does my sin bring me so low?
I still feel I really do not know
But I will seek to follow and try
Doing right because You are always nigh.



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