When Sorrow Fills My Heart

When sorrow fills my heart
And I don’t know what to do
When sadness comes to stay
And I know I’m feeling blue
When the darkness of the night
And the things I’m going through
When the brokenness of life I face
Seems to tear my heart in two
The Lord will give me grace
Strength to face this all anew.

Just need to wait on Him
To wait on Him
Just trust His Holy Name
Just sing your praise to Him
Your praise to Him
He is always the same
Learn to depend on Him
Depend on Him
In control He will remain

Some days it never ends
And things grow ever worse
Burdens pile on, it seems
This makes me act so terse
The strength I thought I had
Becomes to me adverse
I beg the Lord to take
The pain and intersperse
It with His holiness
And not the earthly curse.

There comes a time at last
That heaven breaks it’s hush
The Lord pours out His joy
To fill in with His brush
His glory opens wide
So green and very lush
It makes me wonder then
His splendor bears a rush
What made my heart to doubt Him?
This brings to me a blush.



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