The Teller of Tales

Your words, teller of tales, are pain
They are as wounds that bring bile
and reach deep into the soul
What is it from these lies you gain?
The Lord must needs take this trial
and mold us according to His goal.

Your lips and heart, teller of tales,
Are like pieces of broken pottery
covered completely with silver refuse
Your heart is in the lowest of jails
One day you will truly see
That your mind the wrong thing did choose.

The teller of tales is a hater to those
She has lied about and makes a new
reality for herself to tell her tales
The ones who don’t do her bidding are foes
In her eyes but she must make them, through
her lies, believe that her sin pales.

When she speaks fair do not believe her
For there is much sin in her inmost soul
and her heart is full of lies ready to pounce.
Towards those she lied about she’s bitter
And so ready to them to be very cruel.
There’s no tenderness, not e’en an ounce.

Her deceit will be shown before the world
She digs a pit for herself to fall into
Her tongue hates those afflicted by it
But God’s grace will truly be unfurled
He will help those afflicted make it through
And one day the truth will them acquit!




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