Satire Saturday!

Out goes the old and in comes the new
I really do think this isn’t for you.
The things I think that you try to do
Are old fangled ideas and, surely, askew

You are an embarrassment to us, the few,
(We are growing stronger daily) and who,
Want to tell everyone the real worldview
Stupidity is right now not what’s true.

Because we know what is best for you
Turn it all over to us because you’re a fool.
Don’t argue, berate or try to see through
Anything that’s contrary to my point of view.

I am the smartest there was of anyone’s crew!
Look at what I’ve done, it’s all very new
(Ok, don’t look because I didn’t really do
What I said) and I’m the best, better than you!

If you don’t let me do what I want to
I will call you a bigot, racist and a few
Other good names to make you think you
Are an idiot and I’m the king fool!



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