Who are you looking for?
You have a look in your eyes
Of someone lost and more
Do not listen to Satan’s lies
They slink and slither ’round you
His whispers surely seem to make
You think his lies are true
Do not depend on man to take
That hole, that empty hole
You are trying to fill…
Only God can complete your soul
Not man…but you can try still.
Your heart will never be full
Without God, it’s a battle
Turn to God and let Him pull
You out of the worldly babble.

What are you searching for?
The way you keep trying to find
Something precious then deplore
The help you’re given you’ve declined
You stiff-arm the benefit from those
Who wanted to see you succeed
In life but then you chose
To make them pay, make them bleed
Do not continue on this way
Choose right even though there are
Consequences in choices…don’t stray
No matter the distance, how far
You go from truth or doing right
God always sees and knows just
What you need to turn to the light
Turn to Him and then trust…

What is going on in your mind?
The things you do to another
And the way you have maligned
Those who love you, why make them suffer?
Is the jealousy that important
That you will hurt them any way
You can and be to them discordant
While hiding the fact that you betray?
This has gone on for quite awhile
Even the ones who think you are so firm
Do they know that lies about them you did compile?
If it’s love that you want and yearn,
God is love, turn to Him and obey
Open your heart to Him, do right
Spend time with Him in His Word and pray
Forget the world and in Him your soul delight.

Yes, the truth will come out one day
We all understand the empty hole
We’ve been there and we continue to pray
That God will fill your barren soul
With His righteousness, grace, and peace
Regardless of who you’ve hurt or who hurt you
God died on the cross for sins to cease
This war you progressively pursue
Show to others what is being done to hurt
Is really more about authority
Verity will itself eventually assert
It will become a priority
And overcome falseness played by all.
Are you ready for actuality to claim
It’s proper place and what will befall
Each of us have no one but us to blame.




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