Does the hurting soul
Stumble and fall
Then seem to unroll
‘Neath the weight of the brawl?

Does the breaking heart
Collapse and splinter
Then fall apart
‘Neath the deadness of winter?

Does the lonely hope
Darken and decay
Then try to cope
‘Neath the oppressive way?

Does the anguished thought
Struggle and labor
Feeling all is naught
‘Neath the sinful nature?

Cheer up, dear friend
And you will see
Jesus will only send
What’s best for His adoptee.

Now, if you belong to Him
He’s Ruler of your soul
This time that seems so grim
Is under His control.

One day it will be bright
And the things you’ve gone through
Will seem like naught but light
Trials and none but few.

The meeting face to face
With God, our Heav’nly King
We’ll earnestly embrace
Then joyfully we’ll sing.




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