Who measured the waters in the hollow of His hand?
Who meted out the heavens and told us what the span?

Who understood the dust of earth with a glance?
Who weighed mountains and hills with a balance?

Who then directed the Spirit of the Lord?
Who was His counselor and gave Him an award?

Who did He go to for counsel and discernment?
Who taught Him knowledge and how to do judgment?

Who counts the nations as just a little drip?
Who can see them as nothing but a tiny snip?

Who will you say God is like on this earth?
Who can compare to Him in what He is worth?

Who reckons the inhabitants as ants?
Who stretches the heavens doesn’t leave it to chance?

Who calls the heavens by number and by name?
Who can’t be understood no matter what you claim?

Who is above and beyond the human might?
Who rules the world through the day and through the night?

Our God rules over all
Both the great and the small
He’s Creator of all things
Better known as King of kings
Worship is His special right
He rules the day and also night.




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