Persecuted Believers

Paying the price for being a Christian
Expecting to suffer for Christ’s sake
Resting in the Lord no matter what comes their way
Seeking Christ in the midst of hard times
Earnestly contending for the faith no matter what happens
Casting all their care upon the Lord
Using persecution to show others Christ’s love
Taking one day at a time
Entering heaven triumphantly
Depending upon the Lord all the time

Believing that tribulation makes them more like the Lord Jesus Christ
Existing to obey God’s will despite oppression
Letting the Lord be their stay
Instead of standing up for themselves they let the Lord do it His way
Excited to follow God’s will in the face of ill-treatment
Viewing God as gracious in spite of expulsion from others
Exacting death upon sin regardless of being told to sin upon pain of death
Remembering the Lord and His Word without regard to affliction
Spending time in prayer for unbelievers and unlovely that hurt them.




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