There Is A Time…

There is a time for everything
A time to be born and we will sing
A time to die and then we cling
To our loved ones who are still living

There is a time for us to do
A time to plant then stand and view
A time to pluck it up and review
What we have planted and start anew

There is a time of hate’s strong swill
For during war it’s time to kill
And during peace it’s time to heal
Our love and friendship’s sweet freewill

There is a time when we break down
A time of weeping, mourning’s frown
Yet still the laughter comes around
Building up and dancing’s crown

There is a time to cast the stone
To lose, cast away, or postpone
Yet when it’s time to get or own
To keep what’s yours will, yes, atone.

There is a time to keep your silence
To true leadership don’t show defiance
But when you talk make sure it’s rightness
For time is surely of the essence

There is a time to rend your stitches
Take away those messed up glitches
Then time to sew and build those bridges
The beauty of what’s done, prestigious

There is a time to stop embracing
Not every time is for the chasing
But there will be the interlacing
Times that make it so amazing!

What profit do you have in labor?
We must always trust our true Creator
Who gives us sorrow so we’ll walk straighter
No left or right hand violators.

All things made beautiful in His time
Who cares if we think we’re sublime
Our feelings do not redefine
God’s truth and purpose anytime

God’s truth is right this is so true
Read His Word all the way through
He gives His grace to His chosen few
And calls all men obey Him, too.




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