Who Am I?

I saw my loved one speak their last word.
I cried my heart out with pain.
I girded myself with comfort from Scripture
I struggled but God still sustained.

I praised the Lord despite the grief
Of no longer having my loved one
Around to help encourage me through
I knew the Lord’s work must still be done.

The ache of seeing so many killed
Brought mourning to my heart.
When will this be completed and we
Will no longer be apart?

Murdered for standing for truth seems to be
My daily life but God gives me peace
Whate’er man does to me, His love and care
Surrounds my heart and will never cease.

My loved one, my children, my friends
They’re all dying and that one by one
They do what’s right and are hated BUT
They know Who died for them, God’s Son.

God is the Strengthener of our lives.
We live or die by His sovereign will.
No matter what happens day by day
He is in control of all things still.

This I must believe no matter what
Has happened or is coming my way
Because life wouldn’t be worth living
If God was not my hope and my stay.

Who am I?

I am a persecuted believer seeking to obey God regardless of what happens to me. Please pray for me daily because one day this WILL be YOU!



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