Sayings Saturday…

“It’s amazing how we tell our kids not to speak to strangers or accept candy from them yet on Halloween we encourage them to go from stranger’s house to stranger’s house. We tell our children to obey us and do what we say then dress up our kids to represent evil and wickedness the 31st of October. Also, when did worshiping Satan and witchcraft become ‘good fun’?”



2 thoughts on “Sayings Saturday…

  1. So true. Not to mention all the crazy people that put razor blades or drugs in the candy! It just seems so dangerous, even if you were to completely ignore the moral aspects…

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    1. It is and not worth the concern of what will happen if you take them out. Besides, someone mentioned that we are teaching our children to beg and be deceitful, as well, when we take them out trick or treating.


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