One Door

The Door
was narrow and
no one stood close by it.
Occasionally, a person
walked through.

One day,
a group of men
stood close and studied the
Door. “It is there for all who will.

These men
discussed the Door
with each other. One walked
through the door, stopped, hesitated
a time.

He then
walked on through it.
The other men stayed put
and carried on talking. One laughed,

This was
his reply to
the man who walked through the
Door. They laughed and mocked afterwards,
with scorn.

As they
continued on
a brightly, robed One came
and asked the men, “Why do you just
sit here?

“Why do
you mock and scorn
so much? What is going
on?” The men looked at each other
and laughed.

“Do you
not know what that
one fellow did? He just
walked through that old Door that
is not used anymore. He wastes
his time,”

the man who laughed
first. “How do you know he
wastes his time?” asked the Man in the
bright robe.

this Door is a
waste of time. It’s been here
for thousands of years and is not

“The Door
is outdated.
We have never seen a
good enough use. It makes no sense
to us.

“Why would
we want to do
what the Door says to do.
That’s legalism at it’s best and
not good.”

The man
shrugged his shoulders
as if that answered the
whole question. The bright One stood and

The men
acted as if
they didn’t see Him still
standing. He stood patiently, still

At last
the man looked at
Him in surprise and asked,
“Are You still there? What do you want?

The bright
One replied, “I
am the way, the truth, and
the life. No man can come to the

through Me. That is
My Door! Today is the
day of salvation. Walk through it

The man
who was talking
looked startled then stood up
and walked through the door. The others

“No! You
are the one who
told us it was useless.
Why would you go through it after
your words?”

The man
said, “I was wrong.
I see that now. Today,
is the day of salvation. Now
it’s time.”

They shrugged,
then laughed and mocked
him. The bright one said in
a quiet tone, “The time is now.
Don’t wait.”

The men
looked at Him and
laughed again. They ignored
Him and continued their scorning
the Door.

The bright
One left for a
time then returned with a
host of angels and a wrathful

you will find your
selves in the lake of fire.
You did not listen when you could.
Too late!”

Today is the
day of salvation. Do
not wait for you don’t know what will

Are you
guaranteed life
for any time past the
present? No, you are not! Seek God


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4 thoughts on “One Door

  1. By the way, is it okay for me to share your posts on my Facebook? I know I have quite a few friends who are in desperate need of the truth, even if they don’t want to listen.

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