The Cross Alone

I tried
to make it to
heaven my way and sought
my own path. I told God I would
help Him.

He showed
me His path, the
Word of God and said, “That
is the only way to get to

I read
the Word of God
but still felt I could do
it a better way. I added
good works.

I first
tried baptism.
God said, “That won’t work. The
cross is payment.” Church membership
I tried.

I was told it
wouldn’t work. I tried to
beat myself but that never worked,

In the
end, I gave up.
The guilt was still there and
so was the pain from all I tried.
I cried.

told me, “I am
the Way, the truth, and the
life. You must come through Me to
be saved.”

I asked
the Lord to cleanse
my heart and save me from
my sin. I still sin but He does

I had
to go through the
cross because Jesus died
and suffered the penalty for
my sin.

He was
buried and rose
again the third day just
as Scripture said would happen to
the Lord.

This is
the only way
to heaven. Read the Word
of God and ask Him to open
your heart.

He will!




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