What Is Life?

It is even a vapor
Here and gone
Not dependent on a wager
Nor an eon

It is just like smoke,
Blown away
Think about this, folk,
Vessels of clay.

So fragile and frail
Yet eternity
The very last exhale
What to see?

Now is the time to choose
Before the end
Eternity you don’t want to lose
Or have it rent…

There are only two ways
Right or wrong
“Based on whose appraisal

Like it or not God’s Word
Is the measure
You may feel that’s absurd
But this treasure

Is one that should be searched
With open heart
And desire of truth immersed
Verity impart.

Because life’s too short
Eternity long
You will face God’s court
If you’re wrong.

Scorning the truth will lead downhill.
But doing right?
As a true believer, God will instill
His delight.

Ahh, but it still takes time
for one to change
But this is the paradigm
You will God train.

It will take a lot of pain
And agony
Sometimes it can strain
To tragedy

Yet God always knows what is best
In your life
Even when He puts you to the test
He is all wise.

When eternity comes you will see
The path chosen
God’s path is the only key
That’s promotion

What a day that will be
In heaven
Then Jesus you will see
He’s perfection.




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