The Tunnel

It seems
In life we are
either in a tunnel,
leaving one, or entering one.

leave us either
weak or strong, bitter or
sweet. We can grow through the training
or fail.

God gives
us the Bible
to help us through our life,
The instruction Book that gives God’s

He says,
“Come to me all
you that labor and are
heavy laden and I will give
you rest.”

“Seek Me
While I may be
found. Seek forgiveness and
you will be forgiven. You will
be Mine.

“I died
on the cross for
your sins. I suffered in your
place. I am the One who gives your
soul rest.

“This world
cannot give peace
to you, only I can.
I have promised I will never
leave you!

“Come to
the Lord and be
saved all the ends of the
earth. I am the way, truth, and life.
Seek Me!


“When you
are in the midst
of the tunnel, I am
there! When you enter it, I am
with you!

“When you
leave the tunnel,
I am there! I help you
no matter where you are and I
love you!

“I know
the beginning
from the end because I
am the First and the Last. I know
all things.

“I know
what you need to
change. If you are My child
you will become more like the Lord

day will bring a
trial in your life and
teach you to have the fruit of the

circumstance will
give you a better view
of Me. Submit yourself to me,
My child.

“Be not
rebellious but
trust Me whatever your
circumstances. Keep your mind stayed
on Me.”

your heart and mind
through the Bible and prayer.
Make God your hiding place in all

Then peace
that passes all
understanding will be
yours in all situations. His
peace gi’en.



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