A Song In The Night


Are there troubles in your path,
Sorrows knocking at your door,
While you seek to do what’s right
Happenings that you deplore?

Did the panic set right in
When you heard the dreadful news
Of your loved one leaving earth
Did your spirit feel the bruise?

Did the tears begin to fall
When you stood for truthfulness
Knowing that those coworkers
Make you look unscrupulous?

Did the heart feel brokenness
When the spouse deserted you
Left you standing high and dry
Did it crush your fortitude?

Did the grief then overwhelm
When forsaken once again
By the parent’s trusted charge
Who should have guarded to the end.

Did the hurt go far beyond
What you dreamed you could endure?
Did you almost lose your oomph
Did you next become unsure?

Are you hugging emptiness,
Raw emotions equal war?
The breath here then gone away
Or grief advances heretofore?

Is the roaring of your thoughts
Such that you just want to hit
Whatever is the closest
To your foot or to your fist?

Did the eyes that should have cried
Deaden with the woe and pain
And now you cannot sketch
Save you feel you’ve gone insane?

Does the food stick in your throat
It’s travail to eat a bite
You’ve forgotten what is joy
Living only for tonight

Struggling to live here and now
Trying not to show dislike
To the one who caused you pain
Striving to stay manlike?

If these are some happenings
Of your heart and of your life
Then just know you’re not alone
God knows all about this strife.

In the middle of travails
Look to Him to give to you
The help you need right now
And your heart He will subdue.

The peace that passes fears
And mends our hearts anew
Is the song God gives His child
In the night to guide you through.




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