My Plea…

Are you ready to hear?
Are you ready to see?
Do you know what is coming?
Won’t you listen to me?

I know it’s easier,
To sit, watch TV
To stick heads in sand
And say, “Nope, not for me.”

If you love the Lord
Then the whisper should be
Like a scream in the hall
This is my heartfelt plea.

“Persecution is nigh.
At the door can’t you see?
It is knocking right hard
About to break free.

“The door won’t hold long
Are you sure you’re ready?
To face this head on
If not, you should be!

“You’ll fall in the fight
Or you’ll be one to flee
Turn to the true God
Your heart He will free.

“Wake up take a stand
Don’t live selfishly
Your life must be like
Jesus Christ who’s holy.

“The only way to God
Who died on the tree
Seek forgiveness from Him
To the cross you must flee.

“The Bible is so true
Whoever will may be
A child of the true King.
This is my fervent plea.”



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