A baby in the womb is like a beautiful
bloom not yet a full rose,
gently, gently
Lovely in the grace of vacuum and water that flows
The babe ripples smoothly back and forth like the gentle
sea that rocks the ship.
moving, moving
“Til one day the tiny one will lose, on life, the grip

A baby in the womb is like soft breath
of air needing the loving
helping, helping
Tender care not the hard, angry fist of tearing.
To show that rebels disrupt in opposition to the kind,
care of the holy One, God
screaming, screaming
They do not care but wear an obscure facade.

Animals are good, necessary in our life and even
can be considered an anchor
not knowing, not knowing
But without a soul, after God they cannot hanker.
Many believe that only animals not children who die
are worthy for them to mourn.
wailing, wailing
The little ones…ahhh, who cares if they are torn!

Why? I must ask myself as I ponder this horrible and despicable
question that should not be but is true.
lying, lying
Why are animals chosen over babies? Tell me anew.
Why not allow the gravity of the situation to be spoken of
again and so many times?
sleeping, sleeping
Is it because there are some who don’t want known…their crimes?

2015-07-23 09.47.55

Why is the uproar over a lion so much more important to
society than the little one in the womb?
driving, driving
Why must that become their own miniature tomb?
The place that should be the protection of the wee one’s
life until they can manage on their own?
dying, dying
Whispering into nothingness the scream and the moan?

May God forgive us and make us the ones with a voice
for the voiceless
speaking, speaking
Give us the same love that He has, Father to the Fatherless.
Open your mouth and speak forth righteousness and plead
the cause of the poor and needy.
living, living
They need someone to stand up for them against the greedy.

Our duty! Our duty!

#DefundPP #Lineitem #defundplannedparenthood


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