The House Beside The Train

There was
A boy who was
Alone. He had nowhere
To live. A Man took him under
His wings.

The Man left he
Told the boy to take care
Of the house and wait for the train
To come.


He told
The boy that one
Day the train would take him
To his final destination
And home.

The house
Would need to be
In good order so he
Could give account to God. The train

The Man
Picked up his hat,
left the boy and boarded
the train. The boy began to clean
The house.

He kept
The house looking
Very clean and neat while
Looking out for the train to come
For him.

A long time he
Grew tired of waiting for
The train to pick him up. He was

He looked
Outside and saw
Someone playing in the
Mud. It looked like a lot of fun,
He thought.

He went
To the mud pile
And began to play, too.
The other person stood up with
A smirk.

He left
The boy playing.
The boy hardly gave him
A glance at his departure. He
played on.

One day
The boy heard a
Noise in the distance. His
Head jerked around and he jumped up
With shock.

He looked
Back at the house
And saw that it was in
Shambles. He flew in the house to
Clean it.

He made
very little
progress before the train
arrived. The man who stepped out was
the Lord.

“I told
You the train would
Arrive for you and you
Would have to answer to Me for
Your care.

“All you
Had to do was
Ask Me for help and I
Would have been here to help you. What

The boy
blushed in shame. He
Knew he had done wrong. He
Had been given the key but did
Not care.

“I had
More important
Things to do than take care
Of an old house. You can have it
Back now.”

The Lord
Looked at him and
Said sadly, “Depart from
Me and go into everlasting

“You did
Not care about
Me or My Word. This world
Was more important to you than
Truth was.”

The boy
Screamed in hatred.
He had been given grace
And abused it. What about us
On earth?

Are you
Like this boy who
Had the truth and threw it
Away on mud? Or will you do
What’s right?



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