Death To The Baby


They live in the womb for nine months, dancing.
For a certain time people call them a fetus
But they aren’t a blob of tissue, they are alive,
As living as an ocean roar.
Is that to be considered life or death?
They are not a blob of tissue but babies.

Beautiful and precious are these unwanted babies
Who spend every moment growing and dancing
Not meant to be dismembered and thrown away to death.
Having lived their short life as a fetus.
Will they ever hear the ocean roar?
Will they ever know what it’s like to be alive?

What is it like for you to be alive?
Why aren’t they allowed, these precious babies,
To be able to experience hearing the ocean roar?
Will they know what it’s like dancing
To the tune of life instead of as a fetus
Who will only exist for a twinkling then death?

Not to have someone’s arms wrapped around them in death
As those who are allowed to come out alive.
This is what those must endure who are called a fetus.
Oh, the silent screams of those not allowed to be babies,
Not allowed to be part of the dancing
Of life and the sound of the ocean roar.

How charming and delightful is the ocean roar
So different from the implacability of death
Why can’t we just let them continue dancing
With the joy and iridescence of being alive?
These poor souls who should have been called babies
But are ever and anon only labelled…fetus.

The horror of it, just imagine if YOU were a fetus.
It should be alluring but now is frightening…that ocean roar
That their voices should be drowned out as babies
The pulling and tearing and smashing monstrosity of black death
Never more to feel but terror and agony before the end…not alive
Always an emptiness in the womb and arms that should be dancing.

Can we sentence the fetus to a grisly and shameful death
While the ocean roars and we are still delightfully and divinely alive?
The scorned and hated babies are torn apart and not allowed to be dancing.


#DefundPP #Lineitem #defundplannedparenthood


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