The Chilling Truth..

Rose colored glasses
Was what we wore when younger
Until we found out

So naive were we
To think all were aboveboard,
Doing what was right.

Instead we found out the truth
Then winter arrived…

The silent screams and
Moans of the babies broke out
They were deafening

We heard them roaring
No longer the quiet sound
Of such ignorance.

We knew there was death
To the poor babies and some
Stood against bloodshed.

In the end it was
Revealed that this was even
More than just murder.

More than just taking
The miniature one’s vigor
The chilling truth is…

The wee legs and arms
Being torn apart in vogue,
Sold for lucre.

The poor little life
Being snuffed out for earnings
Darkness approaching.


#DefundPP #Lineitem #defundplannedparenthood


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