The Gospel


As I look back on my life
One thing stands out in my mind
I was filled with hate and strife
I was lost and I was blind.

I had heard the gospel story
All my years of childhood
I had yet to give God glory
Regardless of God’s saving blood.

Then one day my eyes were open’d
The Holy Ghost convicted me.
The depths of sin I did ascend
Only Christ could set me free.

The testimony of Christ’s suff’ring
Let me share this here with you
To buy our way we can do nothing
Only God can make our hearts new.

Before the start of earth’s first time
Jesus chosen, the sacrifice
He would come and in the prime
Of life would die, the holy Christ.

It pleased our God to put our sins
Upon the One who took our place
He died for us so we would win
Heaven because He showed us grace!

Don’t trample on this grace that’s free
For it cost Christ everything
It’s free to us, to you and me,
But if no change expect nothing

For this is true and doubt it not
If there’s no change there is no life
For His will must be ours, we’re bought
By His blood and we are alive

Our life must be holy and true
Praise the Lord for His Work is done
Now we obey His will and do
Know that we will see God the Son

Until then, our work is not done
May He give us strength to go on
And live like we’ve already won
‘Til glorified bodies we don.




By Violet



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