Are You Listening?


Are you
list’ning to me?
Did you know I went out
Of my way to show you that I
Do care?

The pain
Of trying to
Share my heart with your heart
When all you do is shut me out
From you.

I longed
To be your friend
And I tried to show you
But I felt it fell on deaf ears.

My heart
Ached with longing
And trying. Anger reigned
For a time and no breaking through
Your wall.

You made
One of your own and then
Stonewalled the hope of having a

From you is not
A good reason to keep
Away those who want to care and
Love you.

And yet
I know I do
This to my Lord at times.
The One Who loves me beyond my

My lack of love
Towards You, the One I
Should love and obey because of
Your love.

“I love
You because You
First loved me in my crime.
You brought me from the miry clay
Of sin.

Make my
Heart seek You first
In all things no matter
What I go through day by day in
This life.

“And though
The one I seek
To love hearkens not or
Cares to love me or listen to
My heart,

“You do.
You, Lord, listen
And You hear me during
My agony of pain and hurt
Thank You!”




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