Truth And Lies


I wish I could reach out…
And know I could trust you
It’s too soon, you see
A real change? Is it true?

I’ve tried to give you
The benefit of the doubt
To see beyond the lies
To give you an out…

Yet, it seems each time
It returns still the same
The truth and lie won’t mix
So…who is to blame?

It makes no sense to me
I read the lies and wonder
What is true or a lie from you?
Relationships parted asunder…

Your talk is so very clear
I feel mine agrees…the same
But what you have done is..
Opposite to what you claim.

Your walk is also very clear
So different from what you say
How I long for both to match
One true hope…just a ray.

I feel it slipping away
You say you’re being true
I know that isn’t the truth
Because of what you do…

Don’t let it slip away this time
You may never get them back
Broken relationships…hard to restore
You will find you’re way off track

When you lie about someone
The Bible is so very true
You are a sword or sharp arrow
You hate that person, too.

It really then stands to reason
You truly do not seem to care
To tell the truth about the one
You lied about…but would you dare

Make a clean breast of it all?
Put the lies away from you…please do!
Tell the truth and you will see
The one who was wanted…you!

pointing finger




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