Lord of Glory


Lord of glory, we adore Thee,
Christ of God, ascended high!
Heart and soul we bow before Thee,
Glorious now beyond the sky:
Thee we worship, Thee we praise,
Excellent in all Thy ways.

Anointed King with glory crowned,
Rightful heir and Lord of all!
Once rejected, scorned, disowned,
E’en by those Thou cam’st to call:
Thee we honor, Thee adore,
Glorious now and evermore.


Lord of life! To death once subject;
Blesser, yet a curse once made;
Of Thy Father’s heart the object,
Yet in depths of anguish laid:
Thee we gaze on, Thee recall,
Bearing here our sorrows all.

Royal robes shall soon invest Thee,
Royal splendors crown Thy brow;
Christ of God, our souls confess Thee-
King and Sovereign even now!
Thee we reverence, Thee obey,
Own Thee Lord and Christ alway.


Author: R Holden
Composer: Lowell Mason


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