What Happens When…


What happens when
The hard times come and go?
Do we turn to the Lord?
Do we even want to know?
Do we remember and
Do we seek to grow?

Does the pain overcome us
In such a way
That we seek the Lord
And make Him our stay?
Or does our attitude
Become bleak and grey?

Do we spend some time
Each day in His Word?
Do we seek to pray
And His armor do we gird
On so that our hearts will
Use the sword, God’s Word?

Do we remember that we
Should learn to trust
The Lord and wait on Him?
This, for us, is truly a must
Because, in His time
He, who is God, is just.

He helps those who trust Him
Through the times of deep pain.
His children will love Him
In the midst of the rain
Of adversity, and our hearts
To follow Him, He will train.

Thank the Lord for these times.
Remind us as we make it through
The hard times sent along our way
It’s not about us or our view
Of what we think we should have
But it’s all about Your will and You.

By Violet


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