The Struggling Heart

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Do you feel at this time that you
Are barely struggling through
You are in a time of agony
Feeling so broken and empty?

Do you feel like your
Heart is broken sore
And comfort has not
To your heart been brought?

Do you feel like all
You thought you could call
Sweet…no longer there
No one shows they care?

Do you feel like you
Are forsaken, too?
The tears keep falling
Your emotions are stalling…

Turn to the Lord your God
With His armor you must be shod.
Keep your heart fixed on Him
Soon you will be filled to the brim.

You will never again
Have to suffer such disdain
You will live in His love
Forever in heaven above

With Christ to give to you
Satisfaction that is true
Based on all that is godly
And not what is worldly.

His Word you must meditate
Memorizing do not abate
Spend much time in prayer
The Lord is always there.

Obedience is a must
On the Lord you should trust
Thank You, Lord, for your sacrifice.
Help many to turn to Christ!


By Violet
July 3, 2014


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